Limb Pick-Up

Limb and brush pick-up is every third Tuesday of the month.

The city's definition of "limb and brush" is limb length should be no longer that 4-foot and the diameter of the limbs should not be any larger than 6 inches.

If you have an entire tree cut down, please have the courtesy to have it removed by other resources.

Schedule Pick Up

Call the City Office at 620-724-8918 prior to the third Tuesday of the month, with your name and address.

Any phone calls received on the third Tuesday will not have their limbs picked up until the following month.


The limb/brush pile located at the west end of the cemetery will remain locked at all times. The public will not be allowed to dump their leaves and limbs.

We will continue to have limb pick up on the third Tuesday of the month. Call 620-724-8918 to be put on the list.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, call the City Office at 620-724-8918.