The City of Girard employs a fully trained and certified electric utility staff. Our job is to ensure the community is serviced with reliable and continual electric service through all weather conditions, year round. During weekends and after hours, staff is available for emergency response to restore utilities. 

Electrical Problems

To help us do our job the right way, the first time; if you are experiencing electrical problems in your home or business please do not remove the meter can cover or the electric meter. All electric services are equipped with a service disconnect. If you do not have an electric disconnect, have a licensed electrician install one.


Overgrown trees are often a source of creating problems for homeowners. Depending on the location of the tree, we are able to remove or trim back nuisance trees.

Water Problems

If you are experiencing water related problems, please do not remove the meter pit lid. The stop in the pit is for our use and was not intended to be a shut off for customer's use. If you don't have a valve, please contact a license plumber and have one installed. Tampering with city equipment could result in fines. 

Construction & Repair

As a reminder, all construction or repair to your electric or water service must be permitted through the Community Development Office. Our rule is “better safe than sorry”, if you have any questions or doubt about the work being done, contact the codes compliance officer by calling 620-724-8918.


We strongly encourage utility conservation. With technological advances in the utility area, today there are many inexpensive methods to upgrade your home or business to conserve utility consumption and lower expenses. Various devices are available for electric and water conservation such as energy efficient lighting and water reduction devices. 

Water saving shower heads and low use toilet flushers are just two simple saving measures homeowners can generally install to reduce water consumption. We also encourage homeowners to keep plumbing fixtures in good repair. A low drip from a leaky faucet or toilet can bring about higher costs, while preventive measures are generally very inexpensive and most often able to be installed by the homeowner.  


Electric Worker