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Emergency Numbers

Fire/Police/Medical: 911
City Hall: 724-8918
Police Dispatch: 724-8274
Craw. Co EMS: 724-6435
Craw. Co Ambulance: 724-4721
Police Admin: 724-6219
Fire Admin: 724-6216
Hospital Admin: 724-8219
After Hrs. Water/Elec: 724-6216
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For answers to common questions, please take a moment to review our list of frequently asked questions.


Why are utility deposits required?
Deposits protect the utility and its conscientious customers from having to pay the cost of bills left unpaid by other electric utility customers.

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When are you going to build a public restroom at the Forest Street Sports Complex?
Ground was broken during the week of January 15 to build a male and female restroom and a pavilion. The project is planned to be finished within 120 days. Both facilities will be located on the south end of the complex. 

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What is "Safe Routes to School" and what will it do for the community?
Safe Routes to School is a federally funded program managed through the State of Kansas Department of Transportation. Communities all across the nation are eligible to apply for grant funding used to enhance travel routes our children use for going to school and back. It is a partnership project involving the City of Girard and USD 248.

In 2009 the City applied for phase one grant funding. The City was awarded a grant in the amount of $14,940 to hire an engineering firm to study routes children use traveleling to and from school. The phase one project was completed and approved by council. The study was submitted under phase two for another grant in an amount up to $250,000 to fund the recommended improvements.

Some of the recommended improvements are additional sidewalks, raised crosswalks, pedestrian crossing warning flashers, flashing school zone assemblies, replacing all school crosswalks to ensure visibility, replace all school zone signage and install a pedestrian bridge handrail at the location of Water Street and Prairie Avenue.

Our phase two application was submitted in August 2011. The City of Girard was notified on September 7, 2011 that we had been approved and funded for a phase two Safe Routes project in the amount of $250,000. Included in the work is: 6150 lineal feet of new sidewalk, 34 ADA compliant ramps, 2 elevated crosswalks, 2 school-zone yellow beacons, 6 pedestrian flashers, 100 lineal feet of new bridge handrail, and total replacement of all school signage and crosswalk markings. The project is tentatively scheduled to break ground in July 2012 with a four week construction period.

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Can you update us on the status of maintenance on our streets?
Of course! In 2010 the city staff applied for a partner project with the Kansas Department of Transportation under the KLINK program to mill and overlay the section of 7 Highway from Buffalo Street south to the city limit boundary. In 2011, KDOT informed the governing body that the project was selected for funding. In 2011, the staff applied for an additional KLINK project to mill and overlay  7 Highway from the Buffalo Street location north to city limits. In 2012, KDOT informed the governing body that this project had also been approved and funded for 2013. In December of 2012, the City Administrator recommended to City Council that we request KDOT combine these projects and push them both into 2013 so that duplicated costs on similar projects would be saved. The council approved that recommendation. Subsequently, KDOT approved that request and both projects are now being planned for a spring 2013 start date.

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Why is the City dragging its feet on the Commnuity Center?
Let me assure you that nobody is dragging their feet on this potential project. A project of this nature and size deserves lengthy discussion and attention. We are currently working with Envision Girard, the Recreation Committee and the School District on this project. A Memorandum of Understanding is being drawn up for review by each agency involved so that each has a clear understanding of their expectation of participation. Once that document has been agreed upon by all agencies, we will move further toward making this project a reality.   

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