Fire Department
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Emergency Numbers

Fire/Police/Medical: 911
City Hall: 724-8918
Police Dispatch: 724-8274
Craw. Co EMS: 724-6435
Craw. Co Ambulance: 724-4721
Police Admin: 724-6219
Fire Admin: 724-6216
Hospital Admin: 724-8219
After Hrs. Water/Elec: 724-6216
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Job Opportunity

Job Opening

Reserve Firefighter / Driver

Part-Time, PRN (As Needed)


The City of Girard, Kansas (pop. 2,789) is accepting application for a Reserve Firefighter / Fire Apparatus Driver. 


This is a substitute, PRN (As Needed) position which involves working 12-hour or 24-hour shifts when full-time personnel are sick or on vacation.  The Girard Fire Department operates one on-duty firefighter at all times; therefore the successful candidate must be trustworthy, self-motivated, and able to work by himself/herself.  All Reserve Firefighter / Drivers must maintain residency within 30 minutes of the City of Girard, must maintain currency on all required certifications, must be willing to attend fire department meetings/training while off-duty, and must abide by all applicable department & city policies.


Work duties include, but are not limited to, responding to various types of emergencies, cleaning the fire station, testing equipment, and other miscellaneous duties.


Candidates must possess a Firefighter I certification (Firefighter II preferred) and must be licensed as an E.M.R./Medical First Responder (EMT or higher preferred).  All candidates must also have successfully completed ICS-100.  All candidates must have a working knowledge of how to operate and pump a modern fire engine.  While not required at the time of hire, Fire Apparatus Driver / Operator certification is preferred and will be required within 21 months of hire.


Pay range for this position will be $10.00 - $12.00, depending on experience and qualifications.


For a complete job description and application packet, interested parties may call the Girard Fire Department at (620) 724-6216 or they can email Fire Chief Chase D. Waggoner at .  Additionally, application packets can be downloaded from the City’s website at or they may be picked up in person at either the Girard Fire Station located at 116 N. Ozark or the Girard City Hall located at 120 N. Ozark.


The City of Girard is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Grant 2013



Tornado Sirens Information

What should I do when I hear the sirens?

Read more: Tornado Sirens Information

Tornado Sirens

What should I do when I hear the sirens?

  •  When you hear tornado sirens, go inside and tune to local media to get more information.

Why can't I hear the sirens in my house?

  •  Sirens are an outdoor warning system designed only to alert those who are outside that something dangerous is approaching.

How can I get alerts when I'm at work or in my house?

  •  For alert indoors, every home and business should have a NOAA Weather Radio All-Hazards.  NOAA Weather Radio is like a smoke detector for severe weather, and it can wake you up when a warning is issued for your area so you can take appropriate action.

When are sirens tested?

  •  Sirens are tested every Friday at noon.

Why don't the outdoor warning sirens sound an all-clear signal?

  •  People should be indoors and monitoring local media for updates on the storm.

Will the sirens warn me of every dangerous storm?

  •  The safest approach is to be proactive and use all of the information available to protect yourself and your family from threatening weather.  Nothing can replace common sense.  If a storm is approaching, the lightning alone is a threat.  Sirens are only one part of a warning systems that includes preparation, NOAA Weather Radio, and local media.

Who activates the sirens?

  •  Sirens are activated by the fire department or emergency management personnel.

Fire Department


Fire Chief:  Chase Waggoner

Girard Fire Department
Phone: (620) 724-6216
Fax: (620) 724-8061
116 North Ozark Ave



The Girard Fire Department is the oldest fire department in Crawford County, established in 1871. Throughout the years, the fire department has seen many advances, as well as a complete new standard of firefighting and service delivery.

The fire department today is classified as a combination fire department with full-time firefighters as well as volunteer firefighters. The fire station is manned 24 hours a day, year round. In addition to fire suppression, the staff is responsible for conducting fire inspections within the community, equipment maintenance, and respond to non-fire related emergencies. The community is served by state of the art fire-fighting vehicles and equipment from a new Fire Station which serves as a model for current fire technology and service. To maintain certification, all firefighters are required to attend regular scheduled training classes twice per month.

The department also provides first responder medical services in cooperation with the Crawford County ambulance service. Members are certified to the EMT level, including extrication and light rescue capability. Public fire education and prevention measures are taught year round. The staff also teaches CO detection, and fire extinguisher classes free of charge to companies in the city, as well as the schools. Fire hydrant testing, flushing, and maintenance are conducted on an annual basis to ensure the ability to deliver fire suppression to the community.

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