City Clerk
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Emergency Numbers

Fire/Police/Medical: 911
City Hall: 724-8918
Police Dispatch: 724-8274
Craw. Co EMS: 724-6435
Craw. Co Ambulance: 724-4721
Police Admin: 724-6219
Fire Admin: 724-6216
Hospital Admin: 724-8219
After Hrs. Water/Elec: 724-6216
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City Clerk


Debra J. Smith

Phone: (620) 724-8918
Fax: (620) 724-8060
120 North Ozark St
Girard, Kansas 66743


Business Hours:
Open 7:30AM-4:30PM/ M-F

Debra J. Smith was appointed as City Clerk by the Mayor of Girard in May of 2011 with the consent of the City Council. She is a 24 year employee of the City of Girard and previously served as the Assistant City Clerk.

The City Clerk's Office maintains all documents necessary for the effective administration and operation of municipal government, provides support to the Mayor, Council and City Administrator and aids in the delivery of effective government services.

In addition, the City Clerk is responsible to store and secure all city documents in a systematic and easily accessible manner in accordance with city standards. This office maintains all municipal records as mandated by city and state statute and city ordinances. All professional/technical contracts, intergovernmental and joint powers agreements, public improvement contracts, and minutes for all city boards, are kept in a secure location at City Hall.

The Office of the City Clerk constantly strives to improve the quality of service lawfully and through sound management practices. Our professional staff members are ever mindful of neutrality and impartiality as they render equal and efficient service to all. Their high standards of integrity merit public confidence in our community.

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